A Book Launch Not To Be Missed

The Verb To Be of Football is travelling fast and far and wide. Next week it will be in the country of pyramids and Mayan ruins. Yes, I am talking about Mexico, also abundant in tortillas, tacos and tequila.
But not only is Mexico famous for all the above mentioned, it is also well known for its footballers. Hugo Sánchez, former dentist, ex-footballer for Real Madrid and former coach for the Mexican national team; Chicharito, little pea, in English, who was also a former player for Real Madrid, are just two of the long list of footballers that could be mentioned here.
The Verb To Be of Football is going to kick off in the Museo Escarcega in Aguascalientes on Thursday 7th September at 20.00. The launch will include a short demonstration class with the book followed by a toast to the world of Football. All of this is in collaboration with Agustín Morales, director of the newspaper Hidrocalido and Brendan Otero, chef and co-owner of the Spanish restaurant, Puerta Grande.
The Verb To Be of Football will then move on to the City of Mexico, where the writer will be giving radio interviews on Radio Educación followed by a book launch in a local bookshop. Behind the scenes here, we have to thank Felio Eliel and María Eugenia Pulido.
It all promises to be an exciting book launch, not to be missed.

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