At Last It Is Here!

What we all have been waiting for – the presentation of The Verb To Be of Football.

Don’t miss the opportuntiy to learn the secrets of the characters of this innovative book.  Find out why the author wrote it, how the illustrator brought life to the characters, and a hundred and one other things related to the “writing of”.

The author looks forward to meeting you all on Monday, 12th June at 18.30 in Biblioteca Eugenio Trías, Casa de Fieras de El Retiro (Sala Polivaliente).  Start this summer by scoring goals with The Verb To Be of Football!

4 Replies to “At Last It Is Here!”

  1. I am going! I really need to know all about Grado del Pico and Neri, and that strange woman called Primrose. I hope you speaks a lot of Paco and Pepe.

  2. This is a unique initiative! I bet it will create a lot of interest in the south among girl child where football is a reserve of boys,

  3. I hope there will plenty books cos I want to buy a lot for my nieces.

  4. The presentation was great. Very very funny! And the aim of the book was very well explained. I enjoyed a lot the little boy reading. And the explanation about the reason why football is the issue.

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