The Simple Past Tense Unit 8

Form The Simple Present To The Simple Past By Adding ‘D’ Or ‘Ed’ The following rules will help you with the spelling of the Simple Past Tense. For many verbs add -ed: help/helped Write the Simple Past Tense of the following: stay, wash, show, walk If the Simple Present ends in e simply add d: […]

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Unit 5

When teaching the countable and uncountable nouns, it is important to remember the following: Countable nouns are those we can count individually, for e.g. a book – some books,  a bird –  some birds an egg – some eggs. Uncountable nouns are those we cannot count individually, for e.g. sugar, milk, coffee.  When we count these nouns in units the units are countable.  E.g. A […]

Object Pronouns Unit 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct object pronoun. The football is in the net.  The goalkeeper is looking at …….. The coach is angry with his footballers.  He is angry with ……… The referee is blowing his whistle at the defender.  He is blowing his whistle at ……./…….. We are cheering our team.  We are […]

Pride Comes Before A Fall B2

On Saturday 26th May 61,651 spectators flocked to Kieve to watch their heroes play in the final of the Champions League – Real Madrid v Liverpool. Have any of the footballers stopped to think of the pain that many of these fans suffered to get a plane ticket to witness 90 minutes of glory or […]