Patrick O’Connell – Barça’s Patron Saint B2+

We do not associate Ireland with strong footballers let alone football personalites.  Yet, Ireland has produced a number of interesting characters, even though the sport was considered to be a “garrison game” during the British occupation. One such interesting character from the Irish football scene is Patrick O’Connell.  He was born in 1887 in Westmeath […]

Women Move Mountains for Equality B2+

Throughout history, women have had to climb metaphorical mountains, pushing boundaries in order to be granted all manner of rights. Basic, simple rights that should be enjoyed by everyone, men, women and children irrespective of creed or colour.  Thankfully, over the years women have been gaining ground in this battle for equality. Yet, for some […]

The Spanish Football Union and Saudia Arabia on Opportunities

Spain’s footballer union, (AFE) say a deal which has seen nine players from Saudia Arabia join Spanish clubs sacrifice “the essence of the sport”. Last week, six first and second division teams signed nine players on loan from teams in the Kingdom. “This new business model prioritises the economic aspect over the sporting one”, said […]