Champions in the Making


Girls playing a football match against boys? Whoever heard of that before? Well, it is happening and more often than we think. In fact, it happens every weekend in Valencia, Spain, when the juvenile girls from the Valencia CF play their male rivals, struggling with abuse from the sidelines.
The extraordinary thing is, that the team in question has won every single match with a total of 42 points to date. And more extraordinary even still, they stand 90 goals in their favour and a mere 4 against them.
They are not the only ones to make history. In April 2017, the girls of the AEM Lleida won the cadet league, once again beating boys in their category despite having no financial resources. And these are just two clubs that I can mention here. Girls are starting at a very early age to play the male dominated sport and they are, as we can see, proving to be very good at it.
So, how come, Real Madrid who have won the Champions’ League eleven times, do not have a female football team? Why are women so much undermined in Spanish football? In fact, the female league which has existed for thirty years only started receiving sposnsorshp from Iberdrola in August 2016.
Come on men. Don’t be afraid of your female counterparts and start opening your eyes and your wallets. Start sponsoring those strong resilient girls who are champions in the making NOW!