Keep The Beautiful Sport Beautiful

This is what pupils at CP San Pablo, Madrid think about violence in football.

The game of football has been associated with violence since its beginnings in thirteen century England.  However, what we now call football hoolliganism originated in England in the early 1960´s

Disorder related to the sport is not always of the same nature.  It is often influeced by historical, social, political, or cultural reasons.  In the case of England, we can say it is a social class problem. In Scotland and Northern Ireland it is a religious issue and in Spain it is a political problem relating to nationalism.

Unfortunately, today what is more worrying is that we are now witnessing this social disorder in football at a different level.  It has come to light that violence is prevalent in juvenile matches.  We have recently seen horrific scenes in Alavö, Mallorca and that peaceful Princedom of Andorra that nestles in the Pyrenees, not to mention Belfast, Northern Ireland.  It seems that the idea of being a good sportsman or woman does not have any weight in today’s world of sport.  Why, if the sport has come such a long way from being a mob sport and has been refined in many ways, are parents putting the clock back and reverting it to what it once was?  Because the sad truth is, it is the parents who are creating havoc on the pitches!

I am going to finish this article with a plea to juvenile footballers who love the sport to repeat Neri’s words and say “No to violence and Yes to football.”  Don’t let your parents destroy this wonderful sport and tell them to Keep the beautiful sport beautiful!


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  1. Right. Keep this sport as a sport.

  2. Laurence Speight says: Reply

    I agree. Football is about having fun, making friends and staying fit. It is an exciting game. Violence is not fun and can ruin a persons’ life.

    County Fermanagh
    Sunday, 28 May 2017

  3. Violence will have to disappear. Unfortunately, it does not stop. I think is a problem of education. Thats why these tipe of webs are good. Thank you.

  4. Thanks to all of you.

  5. The problem is football is a show. Like theatre. Much people goes there to see a show. They do not think in sport.

  6. Football is a very nice sport. A lot of people think it is only a show. They take it like a war. That’s why there is violence. I would like just to play it and see it like a game. It’s good for our education because it teaches us to respect other people. Like the other sports.
    So, how do you say delantero centro i English?

  7. Thanks for reading my blog and for all your interesting comments. We all must make the effort to stop violence in general, but if we can start by erradicating violence from such an important sport as football, then the world will be a better place. At this moment fans and supporters from all over Spain have come to Madrid to celebrate Real Madrid’s twelfth victory and glory in winning the final of the Champions. Let’s hope all these people who have travelled from near and far behave like Champions and enjoy the celebration in a pacific manner.
    In answer to your question, Manuel, delantero centro in English is centre forward. Though having said that, there are many different terms in English and many ways of saying the same thing.
    Let’s keep the beautiful sport beautiful!

  8. Our class are going to do a project on football too. Violence is bad!

  9. the picture is very beautiful and fantastic

  10. It looks very colourful.

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