Madcap Maddness in Montacargas B2

The mad, mad tea-party in the Sala Montacargas, Madrid, was the maddest event The Verb To Be of Football was ever at!

Those who were unable to come missed such a lot of madness!  Everyone went mad when the book was presented.  And the public went even madder when two madmen, one dressed up as a madam, got up and performed the roles of Paco and Pepe.

When a number of nomads passed by the madhouse and saw the madmen,  madames and madamemoiselles having such a madcap time, they decided to join in and purchased their copies of The Verb To Be of Football to get to know these maddeningly funny characters better.

After the madrilene was served followed by the homemade madeleines and Madeira cake everyone agreed that it was time for some bemaddening madrigals.

And so ended the madcap launch of The Verb To Be of Football in the madhouse Montacargas!