New Year’s Revolutions Part 2

And the snow continued to fall and Pepe continued sitting in Primrose’s cosy cottage in front of a blazing fire. He had forgotten all about Madrid and Mr Macmoni. On his second day of absence from work, he was totally wrapped up in Primrose’s project.
Primrose, on the other hand had been paying attention to the weather forecast, unlike Pepe and many other drivers, and had made provisions for the bad weather. She had stocked up on everything that she thought they would need and enjoy for a long spell of bad weather.
Today, Monday, the second day of the snow-storm, the village was enveloped in silence as the flakes softly pattered down. Outside, the snow was rapidly becoming deeper and deeper. Pepe watched it making mounds on the hedges and plants admiring the strange shapes that the snow was forming. He suddenly had an idea. He would take a photo of the snowed landscape to show to Mr Macmoni when and if he ever got back to Madrid. This would proove that he was really stranded and not making up a quacky story to dodge work. As you can see, our Pepe is a very quick thinker!
With the hot scented punch flowing, so also were ideas, and not only Pepe’s! Paco’s brain was doing overtime in his own modest opinion. Primrose’s project, which was related to football and not to her ecological hens, had grabbed the full attention of her two friends. This odd, yet resourceful English woman had never ceased to amaze Paco and Pepe since her arrival to the village. Neither of them ceased to wonder where she got her ideas from.
In fact, Primrose had got this brainwave from an article she had come across. She had found it in the one and only case she had brought to Grado del Pico. She remembered laughing at herself when she packed it, as apart from a number of such magazines, she had packed little else. Now that old out-of-date magazine was proving to be a wonderful source of inspiration.
With inspiration, imagination, determination and of course football, she was sure that the new project would materialise. Paco, and especially Pepe were a must for her plan.