New Year’s Revolutions – Part 3

Three days after the first snow flakes began to fall, the three friends were to be seen still sitting in Primrose’s cottage. Pepe was sitting staring out of the window while Paco and Primrose were chatting enthusiastically together.
Yesterday, Pepe had not been able to get very far when he tried to leave the house to phone his boss, Mr Macmoni. In fact, he had fallen in the snow and for a brief second he had feared the worst, or perhaps the best – a broken limb – as that would have given him the perfect excuse not to return to work. As it turned out, he had only badly twisted his ankle and after a few hours he was as right as rain. Nevertheless, he decided not to risk venturing out again.
He sat staring out of the window at the white landscape and realised that his situation could not continue like this for much longer. What was Mr Macmoni going to think? Three days without receiving news from an employee was a serious grievance. Indeed, it was going to be difficult for his boss to believe that a village, that was a mere one hundred and fifty kilometres from Madrid, could be cut off from the rest of the world for so long in this day and age. Who was going to believe that there was no mobile range, or no land-line in his cousin’s house or even in practical Primrose’s house. On top of that, to try and explain that the village had never seen a snow plough was going to be an additional problem. Nobody in the office was going to swallow it. Even Pepe found it difficult to believe!
Although he was enjoying his prolonged stay in the snow covered village, prolonging his Christmas holidays, he was beginning to get a little agitated about his situation. Christmas can’t last forever. If only he hadn’t decided to linger just that little bit longer on Sunday, he thought to himself. Then he would be safely back in Madrid in his office under the scrutinising eye of Mr Macmoni. He shuddered at the thought of that glassy look upon him.
“Well. That’s it. I think we have everything clear then. As soon as the snow melts and we are able to leave Grado and make contact with the outside world, we will start putting our plan into action.” Primrose’s words shook Pepe from his thoughts.
“Oh dear. First, I must speak to Mr Macmoni.”