Paco’s Republic….. Part 2

Football has been a very popular sport since the 19th century.  As a result we use a lot of football expressions in English.  These expressions sound equally at home on a football pitch as in this absurd story about Paco’s Republic of Grado del Pico.  There are thirteen football expressions in the following story – how many can you spot?

Paco’s Republic…..

Part 2

Paco’ s Republic of Grado has become a political football, with people in the nearby villages taking sides.  Some say that Grado del Pico should become a Republic, like that the four inhabitants can sort their own lives out.  Others simply are getting a kick out of the idea and are laughing the whole thing off.  What had started off as a simple joke was turning out to be something quite serious with tension growing to almost boiling point!

Every evening, the four members of the respectable community of Grado del Pico get into Paco’s car and make their way down to Ayllon to discuss their grievances in the Council.  And that is the case.  It is in the Council and not with the Council, as there is never anybody there to listen to them!

All four of them agree that they have been kicked around for far too long.  They pay their income taxes, their housing taxes, their land taxes, their garbage removal taxes and their road taxes.  Yet,the road leading to the village has not been decently repaired in many years; there is no public telephone not to mention mobile phone range or Internet.  At this stage in the game, when everyone in Ayllon has been enjoying these commodities for years, the entire community of Grado is still deprived of them.  Enough was enough!

They heard that a funny looking guy in Catalonia was less than happy, even though the people there do have good roads, mobile phone range and access to Internet.  Despite this, this politician of a sorts was kicking something off, something like a Republic.  This sounded very exciting to Paco who was feeling a little bored as his football team were not doing very well in the league this season.  It was time they all got a kick out of life, he thought.

So, among the four of them, they draw up a game plan.  They are all sure that they are on the ball and know the score better than their fellow countryman in Catalonia who seems to be constantly changing the goal posts.  They decide that if the Council in Ayllon do not give in to their demands, they will protest by playing football in the square everyday.  Like that, they are sure they will get attention from the entire Kingdom of Spain and even the rest of Europe!

Paco and his neighbours agree they will play fair and not change their goal posts.  They have set out their demands – a decent road, mobile phone range and  Internet!  If the Council in Ayllon are going to continue to watch from the side lines and not get actively involved in the village’s problems, then the four of them will do what they can to achieve their goals – they will proclaim the Republic of Grado del Pico!

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