Passions That Football Provokes

Primrose ran inside to switch on her old radio to listen to the transmission of the final of the Champions.  Two days earlier, she had missed the final of the women’s Champion League through no fault of her own.  Simply becuase the match was only broadcast in the UK on Eurosport.  And if it was difficult to get the Spanish channel Antena 3 in Grado del Pico, her remote village in Segovia, Eurosport was out of the question.

This weekend, the village was even quieter than usual as the weekenders decided to stay in Madrid and watch the match in the heated atmosphere there.  Paco did not have any customers in his bar so he sat in the comfort of his old armchair to listen to the match just like his neighbour.

At the same time, Primrose sat by her radio, listening attentively to the commentators.  The anthems were played, the 170,000 football fans roared and Primrose felt a soar of excitement within her.  The outburst was loud and clear on her old radio, and she wondered if the spectators at the women’s final had managed to create such a sensation.  Something told her that despite the ridiculosly low priced tickets, the decibels of sound were probably mere whispers in comparison.

As the ball was dribbled on the pitch, memories of sweet youth in the capital city of Wales surged within her.  Although she was unable to watch the match and see the footballers tackle, dribble and kick the ball, she had clear visions of each and every move they made.

Football was indeed a grand sport. It  raised passions, provoked conversation, and while Primrose was thinking about all of this, her thoughts were interrupted by G-O-A-L G-O-A-L!  She jumped up from her chair and ran outside.  Silence filled the air.  She could hear the cheering coming from behind the closed door of Paco’s house, and suddenly she felt the need to celebrate the rest of the match with him.  She had a feeling that this match was going to be a special one, and was going to have a happy ending.  Which as we all know it did; for the Spanish fans at least.


To learn more about Primrose and her ways, turn to unit 3 of The Verb To Be of Football

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