Present Continuous Fun Activities Unit 3

Remind students that the present continuous is formed by using the verb to be plus ing.  (This is a good moment to revise the verb to be, as strangely enough many students at this stage of learning do not really know what it actually is)Explain that  the present continuous is used to describe actions that are happening when we are speaking.  The following games will illustrate this use.

Present continuous pictionary

  1. Divide the students into groups or teams.

  2. Choose a student from each team.

  3. In turns each group sends its student to the blackboard to draw a stick man doing an action.

  4. The other teams have to guess what the action is as quickly as posible.

  5. The first team to guess correctly gets a point and sends its artist to the board.

Blind man’s buff

  1. Blindfold a student.

  2. In turns, other students do actions, e.g. writing on the blackboard.

  3. The blindfolded student has to guess the action by asking a question.  E.g. Is he/she writing on the blackboard?

Crazy magazine search.

This game gets the students moving and is great when energy is lacking in the class.  It is also excellent for working on listening skills.

  1. Leave a number of photos, flash cards etc of people or animals doing different activities around the room.

  2. Read a text that contains the activities.

  3. When the student hears the present continuous being used, he/she looks for the corresponding picture.

  4. The winner can then organise the game and read out a text containing present continous sentences.

Crazy animals

Young students love this game.  It gets them moving and laughing!  In this game, adjectives are also practised.

  1. Create a space for the students to move around.

  2. Give them instructions using an animal, an adjective and an activity in the present contiunous.  E.g. You are sad baby elephants looking for your mother.

  3. A winner can be found and given the opportunity to give the instructions.