Pride Comes Before A Fall B2

On Saturday 26th May 61,651 spectators flocked to Kieve to watch their heroes play in the final of the Champions League – Real Madrid v Liverpool.

Have any of the footballers stopped to think of the pain that many of these fans suffered to get a plane ticket to witness 90 minutes of glory or 90 minutes of shame?  Did they play with this in mind, or simply with money matters in mind?  By now we all know the results; Real Madrid sealed its 13th Champions Cup when Bale scored two magnificent goals consecutively making it a triumphant 3 – 1.

Fans on boths sides saw their heroes  leave the pitch in the first half having suffered serious injuries.  First it was Liverpool’s Salah and then Real Madrid’s Carvajal.  How their supporters must have wept!  So many weeks of saving for so little.  Yet, there was hope for these loyal, fervent fans, as sooner or later their dream teams would be weilding the cup brimmed with triumph.

More tears were shed in the second half.  This time by Loris Karius.  With Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema staring him in his face, he attempts to throw the ball out of his penalty box.  Benzema simply sticks out his leg and the ball rolls into the net.  The first goal for Real Madrid.  Shortly afterwards, Mané levels for Liverpool.  The fans are ecstatic!

Unfortunatley, this feeling was short lived for Liverpool as we know by now that Gareth Bale was the man of the match.  Real Madrid did not need Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals.  He did not manage to score any.

But Ronaldo decided to score a different sort of goal ignoring that his faithful fans had possibly spent their last euros to see him score for them.  He dropped his bombshell in an interview by threatening that he just might be leaving Real Madrid.  What a wet blanket!

Pride comes before a fall.  When will Ronaldo’s fans see that happen?