Primrose’s New Year’s Revolutions!

The Christmas holidays have just come to an end. The Kings have come and left their presents all around Spain. One of the presents they brought to Madrid was rain, but in other parts of the country they brought snow – lots and lots of snow.
Many people had paid little attention to the weather forecast, and Pepe, from The Verb To Be of Football, was one of them. On Sunday, 7th January he found himself in Primrose’s cottage staring out at the snow as it came tumbling down in Grado del Pico, Segovia. Primrose, Paco and Pepe are sitting huddled by the fire with a glass of steaming hot punch in their hands. They are all chatting excitedly as Primrose has come up with one of her master plans. She is very modest about it and simply refers to it as her New Year’s Resoultion. More of a “New Year’s Revolution” smiles Paco to himself.
Pepe, however is not paying full attention to what Primrose is saying. His mind has drifted towards Madrid where he knows he should be the following morning at work. Due to the incessant snow, he has been unable to phone Mr Macmoni his boss. As our readers of The Verb To Be of Football know, Pepe is not very fond of his boss for a number of reasons, so he is really rather glad that he will not have to face his long, grim face first thing on Monday morning. But will Mr Macmoni believe him when Pepe explains that he was stranded in Grado del Pico? Pepe doubts it, especially when he will have to explain that there is no signal in the village making it impossible to contact the outside world.
Suddenly, something that Primrose says about football calls his attention and he automatically forgets Madrid and Mr Macmoni, and pays full attention to what Primrose is saying. It seems that she is working on a project and Pepe is going to be involved in it.
At last somebody was going to appreciate his skills and talents!

To be continued…..