Restless Primrose Part 4


Part 4

Primrose is now observing how the lengths of the shorts have gone up and down like yo yos over the centuries. From the Victorian Era to the Edwardian Era colours also changed. Was that because of the photographic technology or simply because dyes were not colour fast? Primrose wondered and pondered over many facts of football fashion to herself. “Bukta, Bukta,” she repeats. Bukta, the first company to make football kits in 1879.
The words “quartered”, “halved” “harlequin” “hooped, horizontal stripes and “striped”, vertical lines,catch her attention. “What a compedium of words,” she laughs. Then she realises that the very terms to describe the designs had changed radically too. In 1883, “jerseys” took the name “shirts”. Some clubs had even stuck to the word “halved” until the outbreak of World War 2, when in fact they were “quartered”. “How confusing the world of football fashion seems to be or at least was,” she mutters to herself.
She thinks about the company “Bukta” again and remembers that they were responsible for launching the first striped shirts. Then she smiles to herself as images of George Best dressed in a Bukta shirt drift before her eyes. What can be going on in Primrose’s head?
Our character finishes surfing the internet, switches off her computer, drains the last drops of her white coffee, looks at her note-pad and closes it with satisfaction. She feels that her new design for football kits is going to go down in history!
Indeed white coffee and some spoonfuls of her plum jam are much better than cups of tea she giggles to herself.

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