Sanchís, A Ye Ye Player

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Pepe, our football fan from The Verb To Be of Football, is upset today.  Manuel Sanchís Martínez, has just passed away.  The footballer silently left this world on Saturday 28th October at the age of 79.  The following day, the sports newspapers were full of columns and obituaries paying their respect to the deceased player and so also was Bar Sanchís on Menendez Pelayo.

Pepe decided to take his heavy heart to this bar to listen to the older fans and learn more about this legendary figure.

“He was a brilliant left defender,” called out one customer.

“So was his son, Sanchis,” answered another.

“He played  for Real Madrid in the Quinta del Buitre,” shouted another. “He didn’t play for any other team.”

Pepe listened as the older fans’ conversation turned back to Sanchís father and his seasons spent in the White House between 1964 and 1971.

“He was the one who really helped to create the Real Madrid Legend,” suggested an elderly man. “He had constance and passion,” added another.

“That’s what I miss today,” shouted out another.

The fans eagerly recalled how his medium-sized but very muscular body would fly from one end of the pitch to another dribbling the ball with his stockings fallen down around his ankles.

“He wouldn’t be allowed to do that today,” chirped in a youngish looking guy.

Sanchis’ fans sipped their drinks as they reminisced.  They recalled how his speed was his greatest virtue, but also his greatest defect.

“His speed made him precipitate too much,” said the knowing barman “and he missed a lot of opportunities.”

“Nobody is perfect,” laughed another customer, standing up for Sanchís.

With relish, the older generation fans described to Pepe how he had scored a great goal against Switzerland in the World Cup in 1966 after an electric play.  Together, they then counted a total of 11 caps that the player had earned for Spain. As they argued and chatted on into the night, they unanimously agreed that Sanchís’ greatest feat of all was when he raised the 6th European Cup alongside the Madrid of the “ye ye”.  They solemnly raised their glasses and drank to that glorious moment.

Pepe returned home with wistful visions of Real Madrid of the bygone days dancing in his head.

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