Thanks for Scoring Goals With Me!

This week’s article is going to have a very personal ring to it. It is also going to be very short but hopefully very sweet.
The presentation of The Verb To Be of Football was announced as an event not to be missed. And by jove it wasn’t! The bookshop was full of people who had come to give me their support and get a signed copy of my first publication.
The reason why I feel compelled to write about the presentation of my own book, is to express my gratitude to all those who came to La Lumbre bookshop in Madrid on that rather wet and windy Sunday morning. It was very moving to see so many enthusiastic expressions on the faces of my young students who were accompanied by their parents.
It was also encouraging to see many others who had popped in to find out what The Verb To Be of Football was all about.
I’d like to thank each and everyone who came and those who wanted to but were unable to do so. Not to worry, there are more presentations coming up.
However, the highlight of the moment was when I was being photographed alongside my very first student in Madrid, Marta Goiri, and one of my younger students.
I cannot sign off without giving a special mention to Fernando Capilla, who has produced my videos, and of course my husband Carlos who helped on the technical side.
Thanks for scoring goals with me!