The Beautiful Game Can Be Full of Surprises Too

Many people believe that the beautiful game can be very ugly, but that is not always the case as we can see from the following incidents that brought smiles to the faces of many across the world in 2017.
Despite a full set of rules, the game can go wrong as it did in the match between Motagua and Olimpia in Honduras in February when a topless pitch invader scored a last gasp equaliser. It all happened when Montagua went under heavy attack as Roger Rojas began dancing with the ball in the box in search of an opening. Suddenly, at the other side of the box, the invader dribbled into danger area with yet another ball. As Rojas found space, and smashed the goal into the back of the net, the invader rolled his own ball past the helpless goal-keeper. To all, the sight of two balls coming on the keeper was a distraction. Yet, the goal-keeper’s complaints to the referee fell on deaf ears, and the away team marked their equaliser. Smiles all round for the Olimpia fans!
June brought grins to the faces of the Brits, as Theresa May attempted to do the Mexican Wave in a friendly match between France and England. The British Prime Minister was caught on camera totally out of time as she stood up in attempt to be in sync with her French counterpart. Too slow on the ball, sorry! Just watch her.
Bill Shankly, the legendary Liverpool manager once said, “Football really is more important than life or death”. This seems to be true in Peru at least, where we found a grieving family in a funeral parlour showing devotion to their national team by screening the last World Cup qualifier against Ecuador right beside the coffin. Perhaps they thought that the deceased would have enjoyed the match! Two of the mourners hugged each other as Peru scored against their rivals. That certainly is football passion, and could become football fashion – why not?
And finally, in November never had so many red and white Danish fans shouted words of encouragment at their players with Irish accents. After the Danish Football Union warned that Irish supporters would be turned away if they attempted to enter the Danish sections of the stadium, two of the many bold fans discarded their green attire, painted their faces, and made themselves comfortable amongst the Danish. “Come on you boys in green”, was heard loud heard and clear coming from the Danish end of the the stadium as the frantic fans witnessed the draw between Denmark and Ireland in Copenhagen.
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So, as we can see from these hilarious incidents on and off the pitch, the beauty of the beautiful game is that it is constantly full of surprises! Let’s hope 2018 will continue to bring surprises to us all.