The Republic of Paco’s Grado del Pico

Level A2

Poor Paco is confused.  He doesn’t know what to think.  He doesn’t know who to believe.  As he lives in Grado del Pico, Segovia, he does not have signal for his mobile phone.  He doesn’t have Internet, and to crown it all, he now only has two television channels.  TV1 and TV2.

Due to these circumstances, Paco doesn’t understand that an autonomous community of his beloved Spain wants independence.  What on earth is happening up there in Catalonia?  Why are the Catalans, who are so happy coming to Grado in the summer, so unhappy belonging to Spain? And all of this according to that funny looking man with the strange haircut, who calls himself the President of the Catalan Government.  Paco knows he is called Carlos something or other, but he can’t remember his surname.

“What does his surname matter anyway?” Paco mutters.  “Better not to remember it under the circumstances,” he assures himself.  The major problem is, where is this ridiculous problem of independence going to lead to?

And of course, regarding football, which is a big worry for Paco, what on earth is going to happen to one of Paco’s favourite teams if that man called Carlos something or other with the funny, if not ridiculous haircut, decides that all Catalans want to leave Spain and form some sort of Republic?

Paco thinks he had better find out what is really happening and decides he will phone his cousin Pepe in Madrid on the land line when the long weekend is over.  “Such a pity there is no range for mobile phones in Grado,” he laments.

“Perhaps I should found the Republic of Grado,  After all, I pay my taxes like everybody else but I have no mobile phone range, no Internet and only two TV channels!  I should find out what that Carlos man’s surname is, and contact him about forming a Republic,” he decides.

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