“This Stadium Has Been My Life”

The Vicente Calderon Stadium, standing on the banks of the River Manzanares, witnessed its last match on Sunday 28th May when the chanting supporters of the “Mattress Makers” paid their last respects to this mass of concrete. Yet, for many of these fans, this emblematic stadium was their home.

One of the thousands of unhappy fans attending the match said, “This stadium has been my life.  I became a member of the Atlético de Madrid Club when I was 12.  I proposed to my wife here, and I come here every Sunday with my sons and grandchildren to cheer on my team.  How am I not going to be sorry?”  This sentiment was painfully reflected on the faces of the supporters, or rather mourners, at the stadium.

Throughout our fan’s life in question, he has seen the Calderon go down in history as being one of the first stadiums to have ticket seats. He has seen Pelé, Beckenbauer, Cruff and Maradona dribble, tackle and score there.  And he has also seen the Red and Whites win 5 League titles, 7 Cups, an Intercontinental Cup, 2 European Leagues and 2 Super Cups.

This historical stadium has held a total of 1,226 official matches, of which our fan celebrated the Red and Whites’ 773 victories, 257 draws and wept at their 196 defeats.

Next season Wanda Metropolitana will be our fan’s new home, but will he be as happy there as he was in the Vicente Calderon cheering on the men in red and white?  Will one of his grandsons propose marriage to his girlfriend in this new ultra modern stadium?

Atlético Madrid’s fans base their loyalty on emotions, and pride is one of them.  If the club has decided to move grounds, then our fan will move with them and remain proud of them and the new stadium.


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