Times Are Changing

Scarcely twenty minutes after the explosion of joy and tears of Real Madrid’s supporters in Cardiff, three men stabbed left, right and centre all the way from London Bridge to Borough Market. It was a rampage attack: seven killed, 48 injured. The attackers were shot down by the police. “The times they are a changing,” said Dillan years ago.  This is true of the London Metropolitan Police, London’s friendly coppers, who are now armed and probably dangerous.

The result of the Champions Final was 1-4. In this order: luck allocated Juventus as the local team. There was no violence in Cardiff or in its Millennium Stadium. The campsite that was set up for both teams’ fans certainly was not cheap, but no disputes were staged there. Neither in the pubs, nor on the streets of this capital was violence to be seen.

The match itself was a silky one. No fights among the players. The steel was in Real’s four goals and in Juventus’ courageous counter attack.

At 22:15, before the match came to an end, a false alarm caused by the fall of a fence or perhaps the explosions of firecrackers, provoked the stampede of thousands of Juventus supporters assembled in Piazza San Carlo in the Piedmont capital: eight seriously injured, 1,000 minor injuries.

Times are changing indeed – perhaps they have already changed for the worse. Considering that, to organise a sports event in a city of 400,000 inhabitants, uncountable bouncers, 500 policemen and troops in the streets were required.

Yes, sadly times are most certainly a changing.



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