Too Many Laughs Too Few Photographs

Monday, 12th June the presentation of The Verb To Be of Football took place in the Biblioteca Eugenio Trías in the Retiro Park in Madrid.

Despite the raging high temperatures and the hot hour of 18.30, there was an excellent turn out of enthusiasts of the English language and football.

The author revealed some of the secrets that lay behind the writing of the book.  She then went on to introduce the comic characters and gave emphasis to the unique format of this English language teaching book.

Following this, Miguel Cerdá, the illustrator, spoke about his work, enlightening the audience on how he had brought life to this unusual text book.

The presentation ended with a demonstration on how to use and enjoy The Verb To Be of Football with the participation of the audience.

The laughter that rang through the rather overheated room throughout the presentation, made the event a very special one.

Even the photographer laughed so much that she forgot to take photographs!

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