Vallecas Book Fair A1

It was a bright, sunny evening when I went down to Libreria Muga’s lovely little wooden book stall at the book fair in the Boulevard in Vallecas to sign The Verb To Be of Football.  To my pleasant surprise, patiently waiting for me was one of my students, Joana, and her sweet mum.  It was a very exciting moment for the three of us when I signed a book for her.

The evening went by pleasantly and in between signing books, I chatted to Silvia, one of the many Vallecanas who visited the fair.  She was a true admirer of the English Royal Family and of Princess Diana.

Just before nine o’clock, I had a visit from yet another student who came with his parents and younger sister.  It gave me such satisfaction to chat to him and see how his English had improved so much since I first started teaching him in CEIP San Pablo.

Life is always full of wonderful experiences!