Ada Herberger, Suffragette and Footballer

Ada Herberger has become the sufragette of the 21st century.

Who is this brave young woman who is prepared to sacrifice her career for the rest of her sex?

Ada Hegerberg is a Norwegian striker and currently plays for Lyon. She is considered to be Norway’s best footballer. Yet the nation’s top player will be staying at home while her country play in the Women`s World Cup without her.

Ada Herberger is not only Norway’s star player, but she is also the world’s top striker scoring an incredible clip of more than one goal per game. In 2017-2018, she netted 46 goals in just 29 appearances. For this, and her remarkable control of the ball, she is the first holder of the women’s Ballon d’Or. To boot, she has recently been nominated for the BBC’s Women’s Footballer of the year.

Why has this incredible player abandoned her national team? The answer is clear and simple. By doing so, she hopes to make her stand for equality in women’s football as she is not satisfied with the way the federation treats female players in her country. Ada Herberger believes in football, but more importantly, she believes in principles. She knows that she has a voice and she wants to use it to score goals for women.

The question that remains to be asked and answered is, how many male footballers would renounce playing for their national team as a matter of principle?