Coronavirus Holds Secret to Italy’s Football

Not only has the Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo got a strange, festive sense of humour, but he also has a lot of imagination. In the face of the dreaded coronavirus he pretended there were invisible fans at the Juventus – Milan match hosted behind closed doors last weekend.

Upon getting off the team coach, the Portuguese legend high-fived imaginary fans and bestowed one of his sly smirks at waiting and watching cameras. He then went on to hammily applaud all corners of what was obvious to all, an empty stadium.

Although Ronaldo was not entirely responsible for either of the two goals, his theatricality played an important role in the match as it helped the team to combat the bizarre, if not eerie, atmosphere that enveloped Turin, and to secure a crucial victory in the race for the Serie A title.

Aaron Ramsey and Paulo Dybala scored as Juventus beat Antonio Conte’s Inter 2-0 . The players later followed Ronaldo’s example and applauded the void of a stadium to which they looked into with broad smiles on their faces.

The result leaves the Old Lady a point ahead of their rivals Lazio, and nine in front of Inter, with 12 games still to play. The question is; will the coronavirus, which has decimated Italy’s sporting schedule, force the teams to play the remaining matches behind clsoed doors?  The Coronavirus holds that secret.