A Good Taste in the Mouth (Con Buen Sabor de Boca)

In Argentina there are two very notorious teams.  One is called Club Athlético Plate.  Many fans also call the team River Plate or simply River.  This club was founded a century ago, on 25th May 1901, in Boca, a poor area in Buenos Aires. Today, it is based in a more prosperous area called Nuñez.

The other notorious team is called Boca (Mouth in English).  The team was founded in 1905 by Italians from Geneva in the poor docklands of Boca.  The stadium is beside a factory which smells.  For this reason the team and its fans are called Manure Handlers.  This of course is very insulting as we all know that manure is animal shit.

On the other hand, because of River’s epensive transfers, its nickname Millionaire is a lot more refined.

Both teams have different philosophies.  River’s philosophy is more cerebral.  It believes in not simply winning, but also in putting on a show.  Boca has a never-say-die attitude. They play to win.

There has always been violence between the two teams since the first official match in 1913.  So it is not surprising that the FIFA moved the second leg of the Copa Libertadores across continents to Madrid, the Spanish capital, where the rival teams played on 9th December.

But thanks to the excellent organisation and the security operation in Madrid, there was no violence. Fans from both teams were able to enjoy their stay in the sunny capital.  However, it was the River fans who returned to Buenos Aires the happier.  Their team had a 3-1 victory over Boca.

Yet, all returned to their work and wives (if they still had them) with a good taste in their mouths. (Con buen sabor de boca).