A Once Upon a Time True Story

This is the strange but true story about a cock, a donkey and a football. What could the three possibly have in common? Read on and you will soon surprise yourself at the connection.

As most entertaining stories start, so does this one with, once upon a time in Grado del Pico, there was a donkey called Neri, there was a cock called Doodle and an old flat football that did not have a name!

Neri the donkey spent endless days walking up and down his field. Large and full of lush green grass as it was, Neri tended to get bored while his master, by the name of Brendan, was not around. And that happened on more than one occasion. So Neri decided to seek ways to escape and venture forth in search of friends. But the field was well fenced and no matter how Neri tried, he simply could not get beyond his green meadow. The neighbouring praries were equally green but there were no animals grazing in them to befriend. No animals to keep our lonesome donkey company.

Then one bright spring morning, Neri heard the sound of voices coming from the other side of the fence. He perked up his ears and happy with what he heard, he trotted towards where the sound was coming from. To his pleasure he saw that a tall, burly fellow had just deposited a cock and a few hens on the other side in the neighbouring field.

At last, he thought to himself, I have company. Neri, who was rather machist was thinking about the cock and not the hens. He nuzzled his nose against the fence and hee-hawed to get the cock’s attention. Unfortunatley, the cock showed no interest. He was too busy getting used to his new surroundings and of course the four hens that were bobbing around.

Neri gave up calling out and desolately wondered back to where he had been grazing. But, he was as stubborn as any donkey and the following day he returned to the fence and once again struck up his hee-hawing. This he did for one full week, until one morning when approaching the fence he spotted the cock walking towards him in the other field.

This, thought Neri, is going to be the beginning of a strong relationship!