A Once Upon A Time True Story – Part 2

The rooster strutted towards the fence and began to eye Neri up and down. He was not too sure of what to make of this donkey. Of course, he had seen many of his kind before, but this one had a special air about him. There was not only a certain sense of determination that reflected in his eys, but there was also something very endearing about him. It seemed this new neighbour was longing to have fun and mischief. Doodle took one look at the hens that were scampering around at the far end of his field and decided that he would be best leaving them to their own means and get acquainted with this beguiling donkey.

He raised his head and let out his noisy nuisance of a call. His shrieking was so loud and impressive that Neri jumped into the air, almost doing a somersault. Yes, he thought, the fun and games were getting off to a good start. Neri pranced around a little at the same time hee-hawing at the top of his voice, happy to have the company of the rooster.

Unfortunately, this interaction was interrupted by the arrival of the big, burly, bearded man who seemed to be the owner of the rooster and hens. At the sight of the man scattering something which looked like corn, the rooster fluttered off leaving Neri gazing on in wonder.