A Once Upon a Time True Story -Part 3

And so Neri was left to wander up and down his field once again. The only company he had was that of the birds flying in the sky. At that very moment, the sun hid behind a cloud and all seemed more dreary than usual.

He sadly trotted to the other extreme of his domain and slowly, very slowly, lowered himself to the ground feeling very, very sorry for himself. He half closed his eys and was about to give up on ever having company and fun, when he spotted an old abandoned football in the corner of the field. Quickly raising himself to his feet, he eagerly galloped over to the ball and began nuzzling it with his nose. The fact that the ball moved, delighted him. He literally got a kick out of doing such a simple thing, and repeated the antic.

Gradually, he nuzzled the ball to the fence where his neighbour was busy making a feast of the yellow corn that his owner had given him. Surprised at the sudden return of Neri with the burst ball, the rooster stopped eating and observed the game of solitaire football with interest. What a strange thing this donkey is doing, he thought to himself.

Gradually, Doodle began to make sounds of encouragement. His cockadoodledo got louder and louder and Neri began to improve his antics with the ball. As he did so, he attracted the attention of the hens too. He became more and more enthusiastic and nuzzled the ball, not only along the ground, but also into the air, which received a very loud cockadoodledo from his neighbour and a lot of clucking from the hens.

At last Neri had discovered fun and friends. But how long was this going to last…….?