Being Football

You are just five hundred metres away from exploring English, football and my Buried Spain.

This unique but lively blog is for all of those people, young or old, kids or parents around the world, who have a love for football and for learning English.

Spain is an important reference in this sport.  For this reason I have chosen the country to set my Englsih language learning story in the book, the Verb to be of football, Andavira Editorial, December 2016.

Many people are familiar with Spain’s beautiful beaches, fantastic food and of course its fabulous football.  Names like Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga and Marbella are all very familiar.  But what about names such as Riaza, Ayllón and Grado del Pico? Do these names sound familiar to the reader? Barcelona Football Club, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid are as famous as their cities are.  But what about The Aged Monsters and The Retired Monsters – two fictious clubs which appear in The Verb to be of football.  These clubs, as I have mentioned do not exist, but there are in fact many unknown clubs with strong valient footballers who are making a name for the sport in their own way.

Being Football will not only talk about the big teams, but it will also talk about the small ones.  We must not forget that big names like Pelé or George Best started off playing Street Football.

To learn more about the different types of football go to Unit 4 The Verb to be of football.

Many tourists who go abroad, tend to concentrate on places that sound familiar to them, which include bustling capitals and sandy beaches full of sweating and toasting bodies.  Few consider venturing to what I call, regarding this country, the Buried Spain

If you want to know more about my Buried Spain, more about English and more about football, join me every week in Being Football and visit the places where our characters, Paco, Pepe, Primrose and Neri the donkey, among others, spend their time living, laughing, and breathing football.

Football is not simply about kicking a ball on a pitch.  Football is culture and Being Football is a new blog to demostrate that there is more culture to the sport than there is violence.

Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus, who was a a goalkeeper for his university team in Argelia, said “What I know most about morality and the duty of man, I owe to football.”

To learn more fascinating football facts, go to Unit 8 of The Verb to be of football.