Baku – Here I Come – I Think!

Baku, I had arrived at last! After discovering on the very day of my departure that I really did need a visa in order to get into Azerbiajan; after a harrowing ten hour ordeal, battling with the Internet in order to get my “emergency” visa; after a twenty-four stopover in Budapest, unsure if I my “emergency” visa was ever going to come through, I had finally landed safely and soundly at Baku airport, enthusisastically brandishing the essential document for all the sleepy officials to see.

Baku. The city I had gone to so many pains to get to – what was it going to mean to me? I thought about this as my driver drove me along the highway with the sun rising over the Caspian Sea.

Before making this trip, I had decided to simply let things happen, rather than make things happen. But, alas, when my first surprise, an unpleasant one, was the fact that I needed a visa, I really did have to make it happen.  So, there we go readers – should you ever want to visit Azerbaijan, don’t forget to apply for a visa!

Luckily for me after that, all my other surprises, well almost all of them, were of the most pleasant nature………