Bye, Bye Baku

Before I said goodbye to Baku, I was invited to give some workshops and talks at TISA – the renowned international school in Baku.

Pupils of TISA, attentive and enthusiastic.

With the rising sun, I hopped on the school bus with Asia and was soon in the staff room with a welcoming cup of coffee in my hands before my first encounter with a very enthusiastic group of eight to nine year olds.  Once all the classes were settled comfortably, the pupils bombarded me, in the most pleasant way, with a wide variety of questions ranging from if I was flexible to what I was working on now.  At the end of the school day, I hopped back on the bus again with the children’s questions ringing in my ears and fairly content that I had been able to satisfy their whats, whens and whys.

Back in the Old City again, I wanted to find out a few whats, whens and whys myself about Baku, so I took a last haunt around my favourite spots.  Once I had pounded the pavement, along which so many other travellers, tradesmen and tourists had done so in the past, and when I had felt myself imbued with the spirit and the mysticism of the Ichari Sharar (Old City), I returned to Asia’s apartment for my last supper, and to say…

Bye, bye Baku over a magnificent meal regaled not only with good food and wine, but also with good conversation and laughter to the backdrop of the colourful lights of the city of one thousand and one nights.

The emblematic H. Aliyev Centre, Baku.