A Wild Goose with Spanish Colours

I met Anna Maria Speight in the Metro of Madrid on a Friday evening. She had just arrived from Cardiff, where she had studied Drama at the University -yes, indeed, Cardiff like the Champions Final, it must have been a premonition, life is full of surprises.

Shortly, helas, she went back. And then -it probably was at the end of that summer- she was in Spain again. I was to learn that geese have two nests -a summer one and winter one-, but their heart lies in both.


I hope so. Then, she taught English to everyone, everywhere -including the British Council and in some people’s sitting rooms, offices and so on- and everyhow -sometimes by phone and drum. Meanwhile she founded the Spanish Society of the exclusive London Institute of Linguists and, above all, produced an English learning theatre show for children of all ages:

-Ladies and Gentlemen, WIZ FROM WIZLAND!

Like the geese, Wiz also flied -he came from another planet, you see. And he landed succesfully in the Comunidad de Madrid sponsored English programmes.

Anna Maria Speight’s heart lies on the stage. That’s why, among all those English classes, she travelled to the States and to South America to represent Spain as an actress in theatre festivals. Now she flies the Spanish colours.

But, whatever their plumage, wild geese have two nests -and one heart. And one of Anna Maria’s nests is obviously education. So The Verb to Be of Football is not only a tool for learning English but a new flight to remove violence from football: just kick the ball, please!

Oh yes. Life is full of surprises.

Carlos Otero


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