Coronavirus More Important Than Football

Everyone is glued to the TV these days and not becuase of football. The Coronavirus has become alarmingly more important than the beautiful game! FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino has not ruled out next month’s international fixtures as being postponed because of the spread of the virus, claiming that health is more important than football. This statement is in fact in response to many players having contacted their unions out of fear.

To kick off, Switzerland saw its top two division matches cancelled last weekend. In England, Newcastle and Westham have banned their traditional handshake before each training session. Five Italian Serie A matches were played behind closed doors in Italy where the number of deaths caused by the virus has risen dramatically.

The big problem that this is causing for the sport is, if more matches are postponed there is very little time to make them up as all elite football matches (the ones that move money) must be played by May 24th because of the upcoming European Championship.

Meanwhile, the WHO are advising the world to wash their hands with sanitising liquids or soap; use hankies only once and quickly dispose of them. But above all, we are being heavily advised to remain one metre away from those who look they are about to sneeze! In other words, those who just might be carrying the virus.  Where is this all going to end?