F = Florentino, Female Football, Financial

Real Madrid are not only the last giant European team to launch a female football team, but they are also the very last in La Liga to do so. Following the enormous success of its traditional rival teams, Atletico de Madrid and Barcelona, the former winning the league and the latter reaching the finals of the Champions (first time ever for a Spanish team) Florentino has seen the light. He has also seen the profits women can reap. Perhaps Florentino has realised that F does not only stand for Florentino, but it also stands for Female, and perhaps even more important, Financial. All of a sudden, females and football fit well together, especially during times of such big societal changes when women are appearing more and more in the limelight.

Florentino’s move will bring significant improvements to the game due to Real Madrid’s financial and social powers, not to mention its long standing history. The lure of the Bernabeu is bound to attract big names activating the female scenario as it deserves.

Florentino finally finds female football financial.