Football In Its Purest Form

Football is passion which is something we think that people suffering from Alzheimer do not have. Yet, the initative started by the Spanish magazine, Libero, hand in hand with the Universidad Autonma de Barcelona, is revealing interesting results.

Research has found that looking at old photographs of football matches, listening to past radio broadcasts or even the chants heard at matches stimulate not only the memory, but also the attention and most important of all, the mood of the patient suffering from this disease.

When families have to care for relatives who are suffering from any type of cognitive deterioration, they very often feel isolated and frustrated. Perhaps even more so than the patient.  It seems that there is no way they can relate to their loved ones. Yet, thanks to research, a simple photograph of a match or an old football shirt can provoke emotions from the patient. This in turn triggers valuable conversation that can give the family a sense of the person, rather than seeing the patient as someone with dementia.

Reminiscence therapy helps people feel more socially integrated. It is simple and it is cost free. It is football once again in its purest form – passion for life!