Footballers Have it Hard At Christmas

Footballers seem to lead fine lives.  They earn a lot of money, have big fancy houses and go to big fancy parties.

But it is not like that all the time.  When their fans and families are enjoying Christmas, they are outside on freezing cold pitches working for their hard earned money!

Footballers are not paid to enjoy Christmas.  They are paid to win matches in a celebratory atmosphere.  The stadiums are packed more than ever as families get together on the bleachers to cheer their teams.  The resposibility on the players’ shoulders is high for many reasons.  They owe winning the matches to their fans and to their clubs.  The Christmas period can mean a make or a break for a club’s season.

So fans, when the roast potatoes and the turkey are being cheerfully passed around the table, give a thought to the footballers who have to be out on a cold pitch training to win that match for you and your loved ones.

Yes, footballers certainly do have it hard at Christmas!