Going To Fun Activities Unit 6

Here are some fun activities to give your students some speaking practice with going to.

Lucky Dip!

  1. Fill a bag with a number of objects – the more absurd they are the better.

  2. Sit your students in a circle.

  3. Pass the bag to each student at a time.

  4. The first student takes out an object at random.

  5. The class asks what are you going to do with it?

  6. The student must answer quickly beginning with I am going to….

  7. The students can later be asked what each one had said  to practise going to in the past – he/she was going to…



Fussy Fortune Teller

Everyone loves this activity which is great to show that going to is used when there is evidence.  The students practise going to in affirmative, negative and interrogative.  Encourage them to use their imagination as much as posible.

  1. Sit the students in pairs – one is the fortune teller and the other the fortune seeker.

  2. Tell the students that they are going to tell each other’s fortune.

  3. The fortune teller must give reasons for his/her prediction, or the seeker must ask when it is not given.

  4. To finish the activity, you can ask a number of students to repeat their fortunes to the class and say whether they have enough evidence or not to believe it.