Happy Christmas 2018!

At Christmas, most people spend a lot of money, and time buying presents for those they love.  Perhaps they even over spend, but this is, as a rule, in the name of love.

Football clubs do exactly the same thing in the winter transfer window.  Why do they not mind overspending?  Do they do it for love?  For the love of the sport?  For the love of their fans?

Unfortunately, there is no holiday cheer in this Christmas shopping that football clubs do.  The shining stars that are talked about are not those that we associate with Christmas. They are footballers who are being bought and sold like turkeys at Christmas. The winter transfer window means a clever way of getting players before others do.  In other words, the clubs want to outshine each other!

In the majority of homes, trees are decorated, and Christmas cribs are put up, all in preparation for Santa Claus and the Kings to come laden with gifts wrapped in love and illusion.  But the only illusion that clubs seem to have when talking about doing their Christmas shopping is whether the hefty release cluases are met.  Then, and only then, will they go ahead with their wheelings and dealings.

So how easy is it for footballers to get into the festive season if they are under the threat of being bought or sold just like Christmas turkeys?  I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes, or boots, even if they are of gold!

So here is to a warm Christmas to all, surrounded by loved ones and lots of presents, and of course, at this stage of the game, empty wallets!

Happy Christmas to those who support love, good will and fair play.