I Was Not Wrong When I Said……

Four years ago, when I was writing The Verb To Be of Football, I included an article in unit 6 related to women in football.  In it, making use of the future tense, I mentioned that the world would be hearing more of women’s football.  Unfortunately, some of my male students laughed and scorned the article for its content when I read and discussed it with them in class.    They boldly told me that that would never happen!  How wrong they have proved to be.

Four years on, Spanish women’s football has not been out of the headlines.  In September 2017, Women’s football first featured in La Quiniela, the Spanish state-run football pools, with Atlético vs Athletic de Bilbao taking the place of a first division game.  We have also seen more and more Spanish league teams offer their official grounds for their clubs’ women’s teams to play at rather than the reserve team’s stadium.

In March of this year, the Quiniela went a step forward when they decided to mark International Women’s Day by including women’s matches from  the professional Iberdrola league, featuring seven of the eight fixtures.

This summer the U-17 lifted the UEFA Championship Cup.  As if that were not enough, the same team has just won the FIFA’s  Women’s World Cup in Uruguay defeating Mexico 2-1.  Yes, we are most certainly seeing and enjoying more and more of Spanish Women’s football.

Well done all those young fighters for your perseverance!  Well done also, to those sponsors who did not mind being mocked and laughed at.

So clever boys, I was not wrong when I said that we would be seeing and hearing more of women’s football. And there are more exciting moments awaiting us.  Just wait and see!