Past Tense The Fiesta and The Fun Begin Unit 8

The merienda finished.  The band began to play and the people started to dance.  To start with, the grandparents danced with each other. The band struck up with some pasadobles and then went on to play some modern music, which encouraged the young ones to get up and dance.  Some young children even danced by themselves. The two sisters stood silently together. One of the sisters took out a mirror and looked at herself in it.  She then smiled to herself as she was happy that she looked nice and pretty. The girls’ parents decided not to dance.   They prefered to remain close to their daughters this evening.  The two girls were eighteen and the parents knew that a number of boys from Grado and nearby villages had their eye on them.  They loved their daughters too much to let go of them yet.

The two boys from Ayllon stood on one side of the square, while the two from Grado stood opposite.  They glared at each other.  The band changed from playing  slow, smootchy music to the lively summer hit.  The two sisters reacted and ran into the square and began to dance.  This was the boys’ opportunity.  But which boys?  The boys from Ayllon, or the boys from Grado del Pico?


  1. What happened when the merienda finished?
  2. When did the band start to play?
  3. Who danced first?
  4. What sort of music did the band begin to play with first?
  5. Why did the girls’ parents decide not to dance?
  6. How old were the girls?
  7. Where did the boys from Ayllon stand?
  8. Why did the four boys look angry?
  9. What happened when the music changed?
  10. Why was this a great opportunity for the boys?