Reinventing Refereeing Part 1

The contentious Ajax goal disallowed in Wednesday’s match against Real Madrid in the knockout stage of the Champions, is just one of the reasons why so many fans are against the VAR – Video Assisted Referee. What led to the introduction of this sophisticated piece of technology when soccer has always been very conservative in this respect?

We have the Dutch to blame or praise for this.  It was all started in Holland by The Royal Netherlands Football Association who conceived the ambitious project named Refereeing 2.0. Its aim was to reinvent refeering, and it undoubtedly did!

After the high-profile controversies from Thierry Henry’s handball that qualified France to the 2010 World Cup at the expense of Ireland, most members of the football body thought that enough was enough. The VAR was to be introduced to correct such serious incidents!

It was all to be sweet and simple. Minimum interferences with maximum benefits was the initial idea. But is that the case?

In further articles, we shall look at examples of how the VAR has been used so far.

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