Second Conditional Unit 14

Here are ideas for some fun activities to get your students using the second conditional in a context that they are familiar with.

The Perfect School

  1. Remind your students of the structure of the second conditional – If + past tense + would.

  2. Elicit from your students the things they do not like about their school.  There is bound to be a long list of activities and rules they do not like – homework, class hours, the canteen etc.

  3. Break the class into groups.  Supply them with any vocabulary they may need.

  4. Give them time to think of their own ideas.

  5. Allow them to write them down using the second conditional.

  6. Get them to read their ideas back to the class.

  7. The class votes on the best ideas.

  8. If you think they are feasable – put them into practice!

Moral Dilemas

Get the class to think of any type of moral dilema.  The ideas will depend on the age and level of the class.  If the ideas are slow in coming, the following could be used.

  • What would you do:

  • if  you had to tell your teacher about something bad your best friend did?

  • if somebody offered you to buy something that was stolen? 

  • if your mother had cooked you a special meal and you didn’t like it?

Agony Aunt Letters

Ask the class if they know what an agony aunt letter is.  Explain the idea and give them examples – boyfriend/girlfriend trouble, money trouble etc

  1. Divide the class into two.  Get one part to write the letters and the other to answer them.

  2. Encourage them to use their imagination.

  3. The answers should contain the second conditional if I were you I would……

  4. Allow the class to read the answers aloud.