The Champions of Christian Values

Once again the Clericus Cup has come around. It kicked off on the 30th March falling in Lent as is the tradition. This year, 16 teams with a total of 359 players from 67 nationalities are participating in this life experience for priests. The long awaited moment finallly arrived  when the cleric hung up their soutanes and replaced them with their kits which resemble those of any regular football team. The aim of this unusual tournament, is to use the experience lived on the pitch to create educational programmes in parishes all around the world. This proves once again the influence of football in every aspect of life, on and off the pitch.

Play to believe is this year’s inscription on the teams’ football shirts and the stars wearing them are not Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi. The names are those of less familiar players – Spanish Jesús Parra or Mexican Pedro Hernandez Herrera. They all form part of 16 teams in the Clericus Cup, the Ecclisastic World Cup which compete over four days and classify in the first two. The quarter finals are held in the month of the Virgin and the final on 1st June.

The Clericus Cup is set on challenging players to live out Christian values on the field and offer the world a more ethical role model in sportsmanship. Will those priests defraud us?

June 1st will see the champions of Christian values!