The Sad Story of the Adopted Daughter

This story dates back to the days of poverty and shame.

There was once a family in Grado del Pico, and just as the nursery rhyme goes There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,who had so many children she didn’t know what to do, so does this story.

The numerous children in this family were left to their own means. They were allowed to roam the empty streets of the village in the hope that some kindly neighbour would take them in and feed them. Few could do that in those times as families were big and money was scarce.

However, hopes always ran high when the couple from the Hotel del Americano, Ronnie and Jackie were around. The family knew that the children would be fed one way or another. But unfortunately, those days were limited to the summer. Meanwhile, the winter months when the children needed nourishment most were long and bitterly cold and our American heroes did not always frequent the village.

But Ronnie and Jackie were able to help out in a way the family had never contemplated. The two knew of a couple in Madrid who were unable to have children, and desperately wanted to adopt a child, a girl if possible. Now one of the brood was a very pretty blue-eyed, blond-haired girl. True, she had lice, but that did not deter the couple from adoring her.

The parents agreed to the adoption which was done legally and above board. The excited and overjoyed couple immediately set about decorating a bedroom in their large house in the centre of Madrid filling it with dolls and toys.

All too soon, the girl’s teary parents found themselves waving goodbye to one of their many children as she drifted out of their lives in the couple’s big, fancy car. They knew that they had made the right decision and they were sure their starving blue-eyed daughter was going to have a better life in the bossom of a wealthy family in the heart of a big city.

They were right, to a certain extent.

The foster parents bestowed gifts and pretty dresses on their newly found daughter. They loved and pampered her. They doted on her and spoiled her until old age and death finally took them away from her.

Alas, the foster parents forgot to give their adopted daughter from Grado del Pico thee most precious gift – common sense. They had neglected to give her the education that she needed to administrate the wealth and properties she was eventually to come into.

So after being rescued from poverty and introduced to opulence, this blue-eyed adopted daughter now lives a hand to mouth existence alone, and in the heart of a big city, which is not what it used to be when she was first brought there by her doting foster parents. It is an unfortunate case of rags to riches and then riches to rags.