The Story of a Bag full of Nuts

Some people are under the impression that rural life is free from stress, and villages are full of friendly people who live in harmony.  This is the scenario during the village fiestas.  But before and after the fiestas, village life can be anything but pastoral and this story is an example of it.

As mentioned in other stories, the number of inhabitants in Grado del Pico does not rise to a dozen at the best of times.  In the past, however, the village was composed of two families so everyone was related.  This of course, excentuated the problem already mentioned, especially when land was involved.

In recent years, however, a very small number of outsiders have been drawn to the village thanks to its bucolic setting and of course under the legendary idea that all is peace and tranquility.

The newcomers in question bought an old barn that had been turned into a cosy country cottage.  Not satisfied with being cosy inside, they decided they wanted to indulge a little in a bit of outdoor life too.  So they decided that a neighbouring meadow was all they would need to make their weekends in the country perfect for them.  But oh, did they lament that decision, as it was the beginning of a long and turbulent battle with the neighbour of the neighbouring field.

It seems that members of the two families who formed the vertebra of the village lay claim to this very same field.  A lot of mystery enveloped the plot of land until official documents turned up proving who the legal owners were.   Not happy with this, the oldest member of the other family in question, who was well into his eighties, initiated a campaign to block the purchase.

Firstly, he released his cattle on the land.  Failing to put the purchasers off, he flooded the field turning it into a murky lake over night.  The more the eighty-eight year old man was intent on preventing the sale, the more the newcomers were intent on buying it.  The conflict dragged on until at last the deeds were signed and sealed, and the land was in the hands of the new owners.

The eighty-eight year old man saw that he had to approach the problem in a different manner.  He decided to put an offer on the field and buy it back.  So one fine morning he approached the new owners with his price.  A bucketful of newly harvested nuts!

Can’t people in villages be a little nutty, don’t you think.