The VAR Should Be Barred

The VAR has come, and it is here to stay despite the fact that many critics say that it undermines the official referees’ capacity to take instant decisions. They even say it has disallowed goals which should have been on the score board. They say, the VAR does not get anything right!

During the 2018 World Cup held in Russia, the VAR team did not intervene on several clear and obvious errors. On the other hand, the highest number of penalties were awarded than in any other World Cup tournament. All of this thanks to the VAR.

Can this just be a coincidence or is there a darker side to the VAR? Does it not come across rather suspicious that decisions are taken behind closed doors? The fans at the stadiums and the viewers at home clearly see a goal being scored but those above, like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, solemnly and categorically pronounce that such a goal did not take place.

Critics say that fouls can be manipulated and coaches can call for the VAR when the rival team is in the flow. Stopping any game can be fatal for the result, one way or another, and coaches are well aware of that. Critics have gone as far as to say that at crunch moments, decisions can, and have favoured the bigger team on the pitch. They also say, and this is a fact, that there is a clear difference between real life dimensions and those seen in slow motion, where intention comes across in a much more exaggerated way.

The VAR was meant to make those ninety minute matches short and sweet. It was supposed to mean minimum interference with maximum benefits. If stoppages of up to five minutes are considered to be minimum intereference and if restless fans and players make the matches  sweet, then the critics are right. The VAR should be barred as it takes the passion from football!