“We Are Not Walking Viruses”

La Costa del Sol, evokes endless days of sunshine with tourists toasting themselves on its beaches. However, very few know that it is also the favourite destination for football teams from the north of Europe that take a break in the month of January and come to Spain’s coast with the most to train.

China also figures on that long list of countries. This is not surprising as La Liga has sent over 200 coaches to the Asian country to promote the sport.

Now in the wake of the Caronovirus alert, a team from Wuhen, the epicentre of the coronavirus, has arrived in Malaga where they are to spend two weeks training before playing a fixture in Malaga. The first division team, Wuhan Zall is coached by José Gonzalez. The Spanish health authorities, who welcomed the team upon arrival, are to monitor the players on a daily basis. After the first medical examination, it was announced that neither the coach nor the team had symptons linked to the virus

The team flew in from Istanbul and had left Wuhan,currently in quarentine, twenty-five days before the epedemic broke out. This point has been emphasised by the health authorities in Andalusia to reassure the population of the absence of any health risks. Yet the damage has been done, the physcosis has been created and everyone in Malaga is running around with a mask on. There is now a shortage of masks in the pharmacies in the city, despite the fact that the team are not staying  there; they will be staying in a hotel in Sotogrande.

Wuhan Zall are not the only Chinese team to enjoy Malaga’s beaches. The Dalian Yifang, coached by Rafa Benitez, are due to arrive anyday.

As José Gonzalez said, “Stop staring at us. We are not walking viruses.” Let’s hope that by the time Benitez’s team has arrived the alerts and alarms Will no longer exist!

Good luck China with the virus and of course with the football training on Spain’s coast with the most!