Who Said Women’s Football does not Involve Women or Football?

Who ever pronounced that degrading statement women’s football does not involve women or football?

With the International Women’s Day just a few days away, women are making the headlines and making headway in more ways than one, and those who hold the deplorable opinion above are going to be bowing their heads in shame.

In the recent past, it was unheard of for women’s matches to be broadcast on TV or even get a mention in the newspapers. Nowadays, women’s football is taking centre stage more and more. The journalists consider that women’s football is worth talking about and debating over. We can certainly say that it has gone from strength to strength (Spain has qualified for the 2019 Women’s World Cup) and it will continue to do so, just as women have done so over the centuries.

Up until now, women footballers have played in the Iberdrola league. On Tuesday of this week, the Spanish Football Federation approved a new league based on the the British, Australian and German models. The plan outlines two divisions – the Elite Division and the Promise Division.

With Spain boasting two leagues, the vile comment women’s football does not involve football or women has no fundament whatsoever!