Women’s Soccer Finally Win

Something is happening in women’s soccer. And it is happening in Spain, a country the world looks to when talking about the sport.

On Wednesday of this week, the San Memes Stadium in Bilbao saw 48,121 fans watch Athletic Bilbao play against Athletico Madrid. The two teams were competing to get through to the semi- finals of the Copa de la Reina, the domestic knockout cup competition, which is the women’s equivalent to the Copa del Rey tournament. What neither team realised, was that they were doing more than playing for the Copa de la Reina. They were doing their bit for women’s football!

How did they do this? They did it by breaking the record number of spectators to the stadium on a miserable, wet evening in the middle of winter, when most people, even football fans, find their sofas more inviting than the stands in a stadium. Yet, that was not the case on Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening, the San Memes Stadium saw more spectators than it had at any men’s football match in this season’s Liga. On Wednesday evening, the San Memes Stadium broke the record in Europe. On Wednesday evening, in the San Memes Stadium, women’s soccer finally won!